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The Sainsbury Archive is the online home for the heart of our heritage, representing the past, present and helping to shape the story of our future. It tells the Sainsbury's story, allowing users to engage and interact with digitised pieces of our history.

About the archive

The Sainsbury Archive is an independent charity and has been held at the Museum of London, Docklands since 2005. Visit the Archive to see materials in the collection and to carry out research at the Sainsbury Study Centre.

Archive Digitisation Project

Over the next year the archive is carrying out a large scale digitisation project to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary. We are hoping to publish approximately 90,000 images on the website over this period - please come back regularly to see our newly uploaded content.

Our Stories

Long Read

Happy Birthday Sainsbury's

We look back at the 150 year history of one of Britain's biggest retail firms.

Quick Read

A History of Innovation

Sainsbury’s has always had a flair for innovation, right from the day the first store opened.

Video Story

Shopping Day

A 24 hour look at Sainsbury's in 1963

Photo Story

Own Label

Highlighting the story, and showcasing examples, of the Sainsbury Design Studio under Peter Dixon, 1962-1977

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Your Memories

Add to the archive by sharing your memories of shopping or working at a Sainsbury's branch.

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